a journey full of memories challenges & Lessons

8 days

10 stations

1500 Kms

60 yatris

Through this route unfold the joy, the interactions, the moments of friendship, experience a learning process and cherish the beauty of the scenic views

What is NorthEast Yatra?

Northeast Yatra is a journey through the lands at the foothills of the Himalayas, where the mighty Brahmaputra flows. It’s a journey of about 1500kms across the parts of the northeast to understand the lives, it’s rich cultures, industries and local enterprises. You will experience the lands of abundant natural beauty where you will also get a taste of different local cuisines throughout the tour. You will get to meet and interact with the experts and the co-yatris and have stimulating discussions on the various issues within the region and with the enterprises. At the end of the Yatra you will take away lots of memories, experiences and bonds to be cherished for the lifetime.

Our Vision

To impact, inspire and integrate bright  young minds to understand and create a better india.

Our Mission

Creating an experiential Yatra across NorthEast by bringing together inspired and bright people and building a network among them.

Get Inspired by Enterprising People

Understanding real world challenges in businesses of diverse scale and scope and also get inspired by people who have made a mark in their field of businesses.

Explore enterprises

Northeastern States are famous for bamboo, bell metal, silk, and handicraft industries, to list a few. Oil, tea and tourism contribute to the major share of the region’s GDP. In fact, the oldest oil well and oil refinery of Asia is located in Assam. In addition to these old and traditional industries a lot of new age startups are coming up in the region.

Experience the diversity

Northeast India, the unexplored paradise of India is known for its distinct cultures and traditional lifestyles. The Northeastern region has some of many diverse ethnicities and tribes, thus a place of rich cultural diversity as compared to other parts of the country. Every tribal group of the region has its own unique culture, folk dance, music, cuisines, and craft.

Feel alive with nature

The seven sister states are a slice of heaven on earth. This place is blessed with natural beauty and colorful flora and fauna. The majestic water bodies, scenic waterfalls, lush evergreen forests, vivid blue mountain ranges and also the soothing weather makes Northeast one of the most diverse eco-tourism destinations in India.

Expand your network

Networking helps us in so many different ways to grow and to learn. In the Yatra you will meet people from across the country and from diverse fields. This will help you build your own networks to spark new ideas, explore new opportunties and understand about the beautiful and enterprising Northeast.

Discover yourself

Travelling is like a meditating mantra that you would chant over and over again, once you get the compulsion. You learn to print your footprints and walk nonchalantly up to the destination. It’s a getaway from that methodical life that binds you around the clock. You get to learn so much more, the moment you abandon yourselves and embrace the unknown.

Selection Procedure

Advisory Board

The members of our advisory desk have contributed a lot in promoting the very aspect of entrepreneurship in the Northeastern region of India.

Subrangshu Shekher

Professor,Department of Business Administration,Tezpur university

Roshnikumar Yambem

Founder and Visionary at globizs web solutions pvt. ltd.

Tanushree Hazarika


Abhijit Bhuyan




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